Mind Work | The Next Generation of Corporate Wellbeing
Eliminating stress and tensions within both in and out of the workplace. We lead companies and individuals to become happier more productive and ultimately, more profitable.
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Be proactive in tackling stress and anxiety both in and out of the workplace. Ensure your employees mental health for the future, today.  

Mind Work develops goal-orientated wellbeing programmes for companies of all sizes. With our ethos being ‘The Mind Matters Most’, we focus on the education and implementation of tools and practices that lead to a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

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Reduce Stress

Stress is a silent killer, thankfully we have a number of ways to reduce it which are all practiced within mind work wellness programmes.

Motivation & Productivity

Concentration is the key to increasing productivity. We use tools to ensure your working day is spent with maximum efficiency.

Create awareness

We invite our clients to stop, breathe, observe, and connect with their inner experience. and introduce mindfulness into one’s life.

Social Responsibility

We donate 100% of profits from our offsite programmes to a charitable cause of your choice. Great for the company and humanity.


We provide a full range of group and individual wellbeing services including advanced QEEG brain mapping technology,
workshops, dietary plans, breathwork, meditation, fitness and more…

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We think its ok to put yourself first, it really is all about you. When you’re happy and at peace, you’re better positioned to handle the inevitable challenges that life will throw.


Our retreats offer, luxury accommodation, bespoke workspace and a carefully structured programme to motivate teams and increase productivity. 100% profits are donated to good causes.

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 We are fully committed to de-stressing the corporate world

With many years of experience, we have curated a schedule designed to increase performance, lower stress and implement sustainable skills and practices to be incorporated into daily routines in order to initiate a work-life balance for a higher quality of both personal and professional life.

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