Mind Work | The Next Generation of Corporate Wellbeing
Eliminating stress and tensions both in and out of the workplace. We lead companies and individuals to become happier, more productive, and ultimately more profitable.
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The Mission

‘Improving our world, one mind at a time’


The vision is to ‘Improve the World, one mind at a time’ by educating corporate businesses and individuals to acknowledge the importance of wellbeing and a work-life balance by providing factual, practical, and actionable data, tools and practices that will assist in the tackling of workplace stress. 


By implementing new-age science combined with practical ancient techniques, MindWork programmes are able to instill a state of wellbeing and mindfulness amongst those that are affected by a corporate lifestyle, and through the power of influence, these positive mindset tools and behaviors trickle down through our clients organisations and social groups to create a halo effect of better health, and ultimately, more productive, profitable employees, and happier less stressed individuals.


The Mind Work offsite programmes donate 100% of profits to causes both local and global that focus on the sustainability of our planet. From charities that help those suffering from mental illness, funding groundbreaking scientific research, to sending aid and educating third world countries, we are creating an environment that organically breeds an ethical conduct within the worlds largest organisations, by simply working with us.

What we do

We educate teams to work efficiently and effectively in a way which prevents the unnecessary tension and stress levels often seen in the workplace. We lead companies to become more productive and ultimately, more profitable.


With programmes that focus on corporate executives and teams with high levels of responsibility, clients will benefit from a mindful approach to tackling demanding projects and tasks, Mind Work offers a unique corporate wellbeing experience.


We created Mind Work because like you, we want to improve the world we live in. We want to improve our lives and the lives of others. We want less stress, more smiles and a sustainable ecosystem where companies like ours are able to give back to the planet by providing a service that adds value to our clients’ lives, and those around them.

The Benefits

The wellbeing of employees is fundamentally important to having a successful and productive business. Healthy employees equal happy employees and happy employees equals happy customers. The logistical cycle of benefits from versatile policies implementing workplace health will provide plenty of reasons to enact incentives for a healthy lifestyle.


Stress is a silent killer, but there is a number of ways to reduce it, such as: Forming positive relationships, exercising, eating healthy and nutritious food, getting enough sleep/rest, prioritizing, organizing and kicking your bad habits. These are all practiced within our intensive mind work retreat and can be continued once our client’s everyday schedules resume.


The first step to increasing motivation is knowing exactly what you are motivated to do. This is achieved by highlighting a purpose and a clear goal that must be achieved. We then encourage, and although motivation primarily comes from within, we all need an external push from time to time. We point out the rewards and dissect the tasks into small digestible segments for the brain to tackle with precision, confidence and enthusiasm.

Concentration is the key to increasing productivity, and (although it may sound counterintuitive) taking regularly scheduled breaks can assist with keeping the focus on the task at hand. We use tools to track how much time is being spent on each task and methods to ensure that each minute of your working day is spent with maximum efficiency and ensuring maximum output.


We create awareness and educate those we work with by inviting our clients to stop, breathe, observe, and connect with their inner experience. and introduce mindfulness into our clients lives. We educate to promote an understanding of the importance in practicing the tools we teach, and the profound positive impact they have on our lives day-to-day and work-related challenges.

The Mind Work programmes will educate teams on how to implement strategies that will organically form cultures within companies that promote teamwork, motivation and a mindset geared towards the maximum output of each individual’s respective positions.


If promoting humanity and feeling good isn’t enough, being socially responsible is a great way to create a positive company image.


People want to feel like they’re making a difference in the world, and this is a great way to attract and retain top talent, along with customers loving socially responsible companies and willing to pay more for goods and services from socially responsible companies.


Mind Work donates 100% of retreat profits to chosen causes, so our clients can rest assured that their attendance will benefit those both inside and outside of their companies. This also helps engage with employees as well as keeping companies competitive by doing things differently from competitors.

The Team

Mason Dyson Roberts
Founder & Mindset Coach
Jody Sedgwick
Head of Business
Fleur Bennett
Wellness Ambassador & Hypnotherapist
Eleanor Harrison
Lead Psychotherapist
Mark Ireland
Head of Fitness
Louise Rallings
Head of Yoga
Bo Robinson
Breath Work Practioner
Joslin Trippier
Spiritual Teacher