Mind Work | The Next Generation of Corporate Wellbeing
Eliminating stress and tensions within both in and out of the workplace. We lead companies and individuals to become happier more productive and ultimately, more profitable.
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We have put together a 4-day london-based offiste and a 6-day international retreat that provide our leaders with more than just the ‘How to’ be an effective leader.


‘The Mindful Leader’ is a carefully structured programme designed to motivate and inspire leaders into making a poweful impact by introducing conscousiness into their leading. Research found that over 80% training gets forgotten after a month. For us, this is because training is done at an intellectual level, rather than at an emotional level which is how we (people) change our thoughts and our behaviours. Lasting change takes place when people connect to content emotionally, and are able to resonate with the teachings shared and find value in its message.


The offsites focus on employing routines that work around day-to-day responsibilities in order to initiate the habitual actions needed to implement the tools and practices we teach that lead to a happier, healthier and mindful life.


Our workshops are a sure way for us to impart our knowledge of mental and physical wellbeing onto your employees. We specialise in Breathwork, Group Coaching, Mindfulness, Meditation, Motivation, and create fun, goal-orientated programmes for your teams.

Wellbeing Metrics

Whether onsite or offsite, we constantly track the progress of those we work with via anonymous surveys to ensure we’re providing a programme that adds value to both the company and individual. Results can will be provided to the client as feedback

Mind Work

With our ethos being ’The Mind Matters Most’ we focus our programmes around paying attention to the mental health of our clients. Our 1:1 coaching promotes an empowering mindset that inspires personal development. First the Mind, followed by Body and Spirit alignment for true peace and wellbeing.

Naturopathy & Dieticians

Naturopathic medicine is a science-based tradition that promotes wellness by identifying the unique aspects of each patient and then employing non-toxic natural therapies to restore physiological, psychological, and structural balance. You will notice improvement to issues such as; fatigue, pain, sleep disturbance, and digestive disorders.

Homeopathic Therapies

Acupuncture, massage, homeopathy, physical and mind therapies are all benefits to be enjoyed during your stay. Leaving no stones unturned, our trained therapists are on site to treat you throughout your stay and to ensure that mind, body and spirit are all left recharged. You'll be ready and better equipped to handle the challenges that life can throw at us.


Find true focus and maximum productivity by working smarter not harder on our 6-day retreat dedicated workspace. We implement daily stress-reducing routines that can be taken home and applied around your day to day responsibilities

Yoga & Fitness

It's known fact that a healthy body is key for a healthy mind, which is why we have the best in personal training and yoga to elevate your wellbeing experience. We have the UK's leading Yoga instructors and personal trainers to ensure our clients get the most out of their sessions.