Mind Work | The Next Generation of Corporate Wellbeing
Eliminating stress and tensions within both in and out of the workplace. We lead companies and individuals to become happier more productive and ultimately, more profitable.
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Mind Work are for the progressive and forward-thinking companies that understand the importance of a healthy workforce and interested in ensuring the physical and mental health of their employees.


By offering a number of onsite services, Mind Work have designed programmes that successfully combines new-age science technology and applicable ancient techniques for a modern-day approach to running successful, sustainable and happy businesses.


Our workshops are a sure way for us to impart our knowledge of mental and physical wellbeing onto your employees. We specialise in Breathwork, Group Coaching, Mindfulness, Meditation, Motivation, and create fun, goal-oriented programmes for your teams.

Nutritional Diet Plans

A healthful diet that contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, as well as vitamins and minerals might help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. With data gathered from each team, we will design meal plans and have them delivered to your offices or home.

Brain mapping

We use advanced QEEG brain mapping technology to measure individual brain activity to produce personalised wellbeing plans offering dietary, physical, sleep based, and mental health recommendations

Yoga & Fitness

It's known fact that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, which is why we have the best in personal training and yoga to bring contribute to your wellbeing experience at Mind Work. We have the UK's leading Yoga instructors and Personal Trainers to that our clients get the most out of their sessions.

Mood Vs Productivity Metrics

We have worked alongside our partners at Mindful Team to develop a software that allows teams to track and compare their output/productivity levels with their daily moods

Health Checks

We have an elite team psychologists, nutritionists, experts in neuroscience, physiotherapy and osteopathy. You can be examined, diagnosed and treated whilst at work. Alternatively, we can provide your current physician with a full medical report.

Synergy staff are truly impressed with Mind Work and I’d definitely recommend to friends and associates. We look forward to planning future events with you.

Ms D Robinson
Head Of HR

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