Mind Work | How to deal with Life in 3 minutes
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WFH Vol 5: Dealing with Life

Dealing with LIFE!

Life is what happened before COVID-19, and it will continue to happen after. This really short blog post will share a few points to consider when life does what it often does…

Do you ever think ‘Come on now Life, give me a break’?

Yeah me too…

Life is forever challenging, always testing. It seems that Life likes to give and then take away… Life can be a real sh*thead at times.

When everything seems to be going to plan it can suddenly go horribly wrong. But that’s ok. It’s nature. It’s part of the cycle, and something we have to accept because it’s when we fight life, life starts to hurt.

Don’t fight against life

Another word for this is acceptance. We hear it all the time but it doesn’t make it any easier to apply. So try this… If something has happened that you’d wish hadn’t, look at it with curiosity. Nod your head at it and say ‘Ok Life, so this is the next test!’. ‘What’s this one all about? Where’s the lesson?’

I encourage you not to say ‘I don’t want this to happen’, simply affirm what you’re going to do about it. I say this because the more we say what we DON’T want it, the more of it we get. Our attention stays in the place of the ‘thing’ we don’t want. We must set our sight forward. What DO you want? Doesn’t that feel better already?

Close your eyes

I don’t mean this literally.

When we’re going through the downtimes, the more we tend to look around, the more we see how well everyone else is doing. ‘They’ve all got their sh*t together, but not me’.

Looking at others takes your eye off the prize. It can disempower you by making you feel like a failure. BUT, please don’t be fooled by what your eyes show you.


Know that you can, and will get past anything you may be going through right now.

How can you know? Because…‘You’ve already survived 100% of the sh*t life has thrown at you.’

Look, life isn’t meant to be easy all the time. Where would the fun be in that? Every emotion we have, positive, and negative was meant for us to feel. The joy, the happiness, the sadness, the pain. It’s all part of being human, it’s all part of the experience… Also, it’s impermanent just like life itself.

But remember, as soon as the fighting stops, the hurt loses its power, it loses its hold. Then it’s time to move past it and experience some of the good stuff.

To get the ball rolling, here are a few links to some FREE wellness practices to keep you active in the meantime;

For the mind:

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For the body:

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For the spirit:

(Here is a little video that guided me on my path)

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Insight Timer for meditation

NOTE: If you (like many) find keeping to your best intentions a little challenging at times, gamify it and reach out to a friend/accountability partner to keep you on the ball.

Any questions? Feel free to drop me a line; mason@projectmindwork.org

If you’re looking for something a little more robust to keep on top your physical and mental fitness; The Home 360º Programme